Certified Member IMG International Motorcoach Group

What is IMG?

International Motorcoach Group ( IMG ) was founded in 1998 to unite North America’s most premier motorcoach charter companies in a commitment to provide unmatched service, safety and business practices. IMG is a unique and exclusive network. It’s members support one another collectively, with the full range of their individual resources and capabilities. This broad-reaching support system extends additional premium service benefits to every Free Enterprise customer.

Why Is It Important?

IMG member companies are part of a coast to coast on-road support system that is committed to providing practical and prompt assistance to any IMG member's charter needs while on the road. Other motorcoach providers who do not have IMG membership status do not have these unique and exclusive beneficial in-network support capabilities cross country.

Benefits of Choosing an IMG Certified Member

  • As an IMG certified carrier, we have access to an elite network of motorcoach operators throughout the United States and Canada for support and assistance
  • We follow IMG equipment maintenance and safety standards, customer service practices and extensive driver training guidelines
  • We have the added security benefits that come with having IMG on-road motorcoach support
  • When choosing Free Enterprise, you also get the added combined strength of the IMG network as well
  • All IMG members must meet all of IMG’s high standards of qualifications and performance to obtain and retain membership status

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