Go Green. Go Motorcoach.


The Greenest Way To Travel

Today's motorcoach has become both fuel-efficient and environmentally sound. On a per passenger basis, a modern motorcoach is among the cleanest modes of transportation in the world. One single motorcoach can replace up to 55 cars on the highway.


Sodrel Holding Company, our parent company, takes measures to be environmentally friendly throughout all of its divisions by practicing the following:

  • Battery and Tire Recycling
  • Use of Non-Toxic Cleaning Materials
  • Recycling of oil, anti-freeze and transmission fluids
  • Use of high-efficiency air compressors in maintenance facilities
  • Use of biodegradable, non-toxic part cleaning machines/chemicals
  • Exclusive use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel

Free Enterprise stays aware of noise pollution initiatives and where we are able, we select vehicle options that stay considerate and compliant to noise pollution parameters. We practice a no-idling policy when it is not required for passenger comfort.

Did You know you just made an impact on the environment?

Each time your group chooses to travel by motorcoach you potentially take 55 automobiles off the road.

Our motorcoaches are the most energy-efficient means of group travel. Data supports that motorcoaches use the least fuel and produce the lowest amount of CO2 per passenger mile of any mode of modern transportation, including trains. You and your group can have peace of mind knowing that you have made the most environmentally friendly decision by choosing to travel with Free Enterprise.